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A Living Legacy


Firstly, Id like to thank G-d for the ultimate in creation. Inspiration born of inspiration. Challenging us with the ultimate chase. To find the next and newest creature, thus giving birth to this Library.

Id like to thank Dr. Sylvia Earle, noted Marine Biologist for her passion of the sea and its creatures. It was through Dr. Earle, in 1997, that I came to better understand and love this other part of our world.

Equally important Id like to thank Laurie Cava, my friend, my scuba instructor, underwater photographer, and founding contributor to the Marine Life Library. With her help and her wonderful photographs, the first pages of the Library were finally born in June 2000. Thank you forever, Laurie.

I also need to thank so many wonderful friends and associates for their relentless pursuit to keep me happy. Who kept me going. Who kept me keeping-on.

Lastly, I would like to prematurely thank all of the future contributors to the Marine Life Library. I praise them for their dedication and perseverance to the pursuit of bringing back the perfect picture, especially for their help in building a Living Legacy for all future generations.

Thank you again, to all of you

Deborah D. Lupu,
Marine Life Library

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