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Welcome to the Marine Life Library. The purpose of the Marine Life Library is to create a living legacy of the world beneath the oceanís surface. Dedicated to the present and future generations of earth and possibly beyond. For all to see and experience the wondrous creatures that co-exist below the waters.

Dedicated also to the divers, scientists, marine biologists, teachers and the myriad of others who have devoted themselves and many times have even risked their lives, to photograph these subjects.

It is our mission to bring to the public a compilation of marine photographic art that will be accessible at no charge to all. Our hope and vision is that this information will be used by all to further educate and fascinate everyone.

The Marine Life Library is accepting underwater photographic art from photographers around the world. It will be cataloged and cross cataloged for ease of access to the general public. All photographers are encouraged to submit their work and BECOME A CONTRIBUTOR of the Marine Life Library, thus helping to build and including yourself in the building, of A LIVING LEGACY for generations to come.


1. Your work should be submitted in one of the following ways:

* On CD ROM (TIF preferably, or in  High Resolution, 600 x 800 JPEG format,

* Or 35 mm color slide,

* Or you may submit via e-mail attachment, 600x800 JPEG format with a notation that you agree to the terms and conditions as set forth by the Marine Life Library.

These will not be returned.

2. You may submit as many subjects as you wish to have considered for the Library

3. Each submission should include or be accompanied by:

A. Your name, address, area code, phone #, and E-mail address.

B. The name, common or scientific of the subject(s) submitted. Numbered to designate which picture is which.

C. A brief description of the subject, i.e. Region of habitat or where the subject was Photographed. Any other information which you would like to include.

4. A one page biography of yourself and your work( optional ). You may also include your web site address if you would like it linked to the library.

Marine Life Library is striving to provide links directly to you, the artist. This will be accomplished when you submit a biography. From the Biography, the public will be able to access you directly via your e-mail address and web site( if you have one ). There will also be an e-commerce site available at www.marinelifelibrary.com. And another site at www.marinelifelibrary.net for connecting ancillary organizations. Our hope is to create One Beautiful Library that will endure into the future to benefit everyone!

The Marine Life Library agrees not to reproduce or use your photos for any purpose other than to be included in the Marine Life Library, unless a prior written agreement has been established between the artist and Marine Life Library for such other use. You shall retain all rights to further and future use of your subject(s) without any restrictions from the Library. Although you may submit as many subjects as you like, the Marine Life Library reserves the right to approve which of your subjects, if any, will be included in the Library. The Library reserves the right to discontinue use of your photo at its discretion.

The nature and purpose of the Marine Life Library does not provide for direct compensation to the artist for the inclusion of their work therein. The link to the artist and to the artists e-mail is a perk to the artist. It is considered an honor and privilege to have oneís work displayed within the Marine Life Library, as a contributor to marine life understanding.

The Library will strive to make images downloadable in a fashion which will not give them commercial photographic value. We will strive to make illegal copying of photos not worth while.  The Library is to be held harmless in the event someone does use your photos.

In the event that the Library receives any public media attention and incidental to that publicity attention, your work happens to appear as part of that attention, you agree to hold the Library harmless.

You also agree and allow, that it may be necessary to resize your photo to fit the indexes of the Library.

Print and Mail the Agreement Form

Submit the Agreement Form Electronically

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