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Marinelifelibrary.Org is an entity whose purpose is to create a living legacy of the world beneath the oceanís surface. Dedicated to the present and future generations of earth and beyond, for all to see and experience the wondrous creatures that co-exist below the waters.

Dedicated to the divers, scientists, marine biologists, teachers and the myriad of others who have devoted themselves and many times have even risked their lives, to photograph these subjects.

It is our mission to bring to the public a compilation of marine photographic art that will be accessible at no charge to all. Our hope and vision is that this information will be used by all to further educate and fascinate everyone.

Just as you would walk through the doors of a traditional library with all of its printed resources, here you are able to enter through our doors and resource the world beneath the waters.

The Marine Life Library will be accepting underwater photographic art from photographers around the world. It will be cataloged/cross-cataloged and easy to access. Photographers are encouraged to submit their work and BECOME A CONTRIBUTOR to the Marine Life Library. Org, thus helping, and including yourself, in the building of A LIVING LEGACY for future generations.

The Library is a tremendous resource for accessing information about any and all materials relating to the waters. From here you will be able to access Marinelifelibrary.Com, for books, magazines, resorts, photographic equipment, dive equipment, etc.. You will also be able to access Marinelifelibrary.Net, where you will find information regarding underwater photographic organizations, dive schools, dive instructors, dive insurance and much more.

Bookmark our site or put it into you "favorite places" to visit, and visit as often as you like. And please bear with us as the Legacy begins.

Come back and "check out" more of the treasures as we build the MARINE LIFE LIBRARY.


NOTICE: All photographs, and all other materials are the sole property of The Marine Life Library and the copyright owner. In no way is any content to be used or reproduced for personal or commercial purposes of any kind. Any unauthorized use is specifically prohibited unless written permission is granted for such use by the Marine Life Library and the copyright owner of said material.

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